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Why I Gave 33 Sessions of FREE Virtual HIIT Classes During Lockdown 3.0We all know these lockdowns

We all know these lockdowns have been tough on us all for various reasons, so I found myself asking "What can I do to help people?"...The answer was pretty simple for me, free, accessible HIIT classes for the duration of the 3rd (hopefully final) lockdown!

My biggest drive for doing this was to help tackle the challenges of #MentalHealth through frequent exercise and also to do a little fund raising (fund raising page).

3 HIIT Classes Every Week for Clients and Friends

I wanted to use these free HIIT classes to help my lovely clients stay on track, giving them some additional routine and structure, whilst helping with their mental health through consistent exercise. The attendance levels for the #virtualHIITclasses always humbled me, as it reassured me that I was doing something meaningful that actually helped people.

With the session being virtual I realised that they were completely accessible, so I asked my network of clients to go out to theirs friends, family and loved ones and share the access links. I wasn't expecting much uptake, simply because I believed my clients came because they trusted me, whereas others didn't know me yet. I was pleasantly surprised to see almost a 3rd of attendees as new guests including, kids, partners friends and family, and sometimes pets (thanks Frank 🐶). More people came, not only did they attend and give it their all some kept coming three times a week for eleven weeks! 💪

The HIIT Sessions Really Helped Me

These classes not only helped my clients and their loved ones but they really helped me, having that structure and motivated through the long cold winter months was crucial to staying on top of my personal fitness and mindset, especially during another #lockdown. I find it incredible what you can achieve using just your own body weight.

By the time we got to the third lockdown my business (Mounter Fitness) had adjusted many times to fit the government guidelines to ensure my clients and myself were/are safe and that hasn't been easy, so having the 11 weeks of free HIIT sessions kept me focussed, motivated and determined throughout.

Here is How the HIIT Classes Impacted My Clients

"I have so much I want to say about these HIIT sessions but will try to condense down to the benefits.
When Rachel first told me about these free HIIT classes I thought I would attend the odd one and after the first few I ended up attending 32 out of 33 as I absolutely loved them...even though sometimes my body disagreed haha.
I have lost over one stone in fat loss since January and I truly believe these HIIT classes are a massive part of why! My body feels stronger already after only 3 months and I can honestly say my mental health is the best it has been during this whole pandemic which is actually shocking considering this was the 3rd time we had to isolate.
Rachel is an inspiration, not only is she totally down to earth and relatable, she is a genuine kind person and I am forever grateful for the help and support I have gotten from her and Mounter Fitness!"
Abbey Bagley

"Mounter Fitness Banished my Lockdown Doom
During this final Lockdown I was lucky enough to be invited by Rachel to join her group of like minded people to enjoy free HIIT classes three times a week. Rachel started the classes during the second week of January, I believe that it will be 11 weeks in total once we finish at the end of March. I can honestly say that taking part in Rachel’s classes saved me from the doom and gloom of Lockdown.
It forced me to focus back on my fitness, which automatically makes you want to eat more healthy too. So I can not thank Rachel enough for putting on these classes when we all needed them the most. The classes were challenging, however, all fitness levels could take part as Rachel always gave an alternative version of each exercise to ensure that we were all working to our own ability. I now feel fitter, stronger and mentally much more focused. I also must say that the music was fabulous too, real feel good tunes!
Many thanks indeed Rachel you are a super star!"
Amanda Grindell

If you are struggling at all with your mental health and want to enquire about incorporating more exercise into your life please don't hesitate to contact me.

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