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Mounter Fitness's March Beginners Guide to Running 2022 🏃‍♀️🏃

The majority of people who run casually do it for the physical, social, and mental benefits it brings. Running also has a low bar of entry—you don't need any fancy equipment, it's relatively inexpensive, and you can do it almost anywhere. It's also an activity that spans ages; it's never too late to start running.

Many people who have taken up the sport do so in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s.

Invest in some decent running shoes

Wear a pair of running shoes that fit comfortably and are the right type of shoes for your foot and running style. There are many shops now that offer free shoe fits and recommend different types dependent on your needs.

Use the walk/run method

You can start your running program by combining your runs with intervals of walking. For many new runners, this is the easiest way to build endurance with less stress on the joints and a manageable intensity level. Simply start with one minute of running and one minute of walking, and then try to increase the running intervals. As you become more comfortable, make the switch to all running. Try not to go from 0 to 100 and build up your running gradually.

A great source to use is an app called “Couch to 5k”. It guides you through a 9 week process with 3 walk/runs a week, increasing the length of the runs each session.

Stay safe

Make sure you follow road safety guidelines if you have to run on the roads at any point; always run against the traffic and make sure you are wearing bright colours or a light to stay as visible as you can. Also, always try to carry ID on you in case of an unexpected accident, and try and let someone know you are heading out for a run if you are planning a different or longer route than normal.

Hydration and Nutrition

You lose water through sweat, whether it’s cold or hot out, so you need to drink before, during, and after your runs. When running, you should pay attention to your thirst level and drink when you feel thirsty. Before a run, try to eat something light that’s high in carbohydrates but low in fat, protein, and fiber. Aim to finish eating 90 minutes before you start running. Keep in mind, however, that every runner is different. Some runners can eat 30 to 60 minutes before a run and finish the workout comfortably. It may take some time to work out the best routine for you.


There are a few common strategies that runners use to stay motivated. First, many runners join a group. Different types of running groups appeal to different types of runners. You could also try and find a friend that is interested in running and plan to meet then to keep each other accountable. Another common strategy is to run with music. Listening to a great playlist can be a great way to stay energised, especially on long runs. A major drawback of running with headphones is that it limits your ability to hear noises around you and may put your safety at risk. Try and keep the volume level down or only one headphone in at a time.

All the best

Rachel Mounter

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