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"Mount Fit" Virtual Training

Coaching Package

What to expect from Virtual Training

Virtual Training is a relatively new concept, and a quick growing phenomenon in the health and fitness industry. The COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed it's popularity, and people found it a great way to exercise at home, either with their Personal Trainers or in an Online Class.

Our "Mount Fit" Virtual Training has developed gradually over time, and consists of 2-3 LIVE workouts per week via YouTube, which are then saved to be completed in your own time if you cannot join the live session. The workouts will vary from strength, to cardio, to HiiT, to stretching/yoga. It is a truly flexible way to train around your own commitments, with frequent support via our Whatsapp Support Group, and personalised feedback each week. You get all the benefits of in person classes and Personal Training, and gives you that extra motivation to do the workout as you are following along with someone, so you are not alone!

We offer guidance and education around diet and nutrition, and focus on an approach that is healthy for your mind and body. We don't believe in meal plans or diets; we believe in small changes to your current lifestyle that you will be able to implement without too much effort, leading to great results over time. We highly recommend tracking via the MyFitnessPal app, and a tutorial can be given if required.

There will be a weekly check-in form to complete, to evaluate how you believe your week went, and areas to focus on for the week ahead. It is a great tool to allow you to think about all aspects of your training and nutrition, and allows us to see what areas you may need help with for the following week. 

You will have the option to join the Whatsapp Support Group, which will allow you to connect with like minded individuals, and learn some valuable information about exercise, nutrition, behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Virtual Training is all about YOU, your lifestyle, your experience and your goals. You will receive the support, structure, simplicity and accountability in order to create a healthier, happier and stronger YOU.

Virtual Training Package

LIVE weekly workouts which can be done at your leisure


Guidance​ & Education

Daily Feedback and Support 

Weekly Check Ins

Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching

Member of our Whatsapp Support



Having accountability to a coach or group of people on a regular basis is key to successful training. There will be a weekly check in to assess what went wrong that week, what you did right and what we need to work on the following week. Having something written down helps your coach, and also helps you to see where you are at and where you want to be. Having that reassurance and regular contact will enable you to gain more confidence in yourself.

Benefits of Virtual Training

  • Is Virtual Training right for me?
    If you struggle to motivate yourself to workout on your own, then virtual training is for you. There will be 2-3 LIVE workouts per week, which will all be saved and can be done at your leisure. There will also be a support group, along with nutrition and general guidance, along with weekly check ins to stay on track.
  • What if I am a complete beginner with no exercise experience?
    Each workout is tailored suitable for everyone. Some workouts will require weights or bands, but if you do not have any equipment then alternative will be given. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced lifter, your coach will be able to adapt as necessary.
  • How much communication do I have with my coach?
    That is completely up to you. There will be an initial consultation and weekly check-ins, along with a support group which can help answer any questions you may have. In between that, your coach is at hand to answer your questions and needs whenever you have them. The more you put into the process, the more you get out of it.
  • Do I need to complete my Weekly Check in?
    It is really important to complete your weekly check in and be honest with your answers. Your coach can only help you if they know you need help. This is to be done every Thursday, and reviewed by your coach every Friday.
  • What if I don't have any equipment at home?
    Do not worry if you don't have any equipment at home. On the application form, I will be asking what equipment (if any) you have. All workouts can be modified. If you could get a set of bands that would be beneficial. There is a lot you can do with just your own bodyweight!
Coaching FAQs
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