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Hi, I’m Rachel

Certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach

I set up Mounter Fitness at the start of 2017 after going through my own weight loss journey for about 10 years previously. I had always battled with my weight, and had never been into exercise or understood much about nutrition. I tried all the diets under the sun, did all wrong things and made tons of mistakes, and then decided I needed to change my ways. 

I came to learn that you don't need to restrict yourself or exercise every day in order to have a happy life. Life is all about balance, exercise can be fun and you can eat the foods you want and still live a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

I've had a long insightful fitness journey and know I can help others as I really do understand your struggles first hand.


"Exercise not only strengthens your body, but your mind too." 

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Mounter Fitness Studio

The Studio Space

We are located in "The Green Hut" next to the Lord Pirbright's Hall in Pirbright. There is a range of equipment including dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, treadmill, row machine, spin bike, boxing bag, pull up bar and many more bits of equipment and accessories you need for a complete workout whatever your goals.


All the equipment is easily adjustable to meet the needs of different clients and classes, and will look different throughout the day! 

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What my Clients Say

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