My name is Rachel Mounter, and I set up Mounter Fitness in 2017 when I had a complete change of career and decided to become a Personal Trainer. I have always had a battle with my weight since putting on 4 stone whilst at University in 2008. For years I tried to lose weight by trying fad diets, lots of cardio and didn´t get anywhere. I had a sedentary job as a PA/Office Manager and didn´t understand what I needed to do to lose weight. In 2013 I moved to Spain as I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed working in a busy corporate London office, and I decided enough was enough. I hired a Personal Trainer and he introduced me to the gym, and how to do weight training properly and safely in order to not only lose the weight I want, but completely change my body composition and even my mentality on exercise. I quickly began losing weight and become stronger not only physically, but mentally. I actually enjoyed exercise for once in my life and it began to show to everyone around me.

By 2016, I had lost around 3 stone, and people started asking me how I did it and if I could help them too. I started to help people at the gym, mainly friends, but then realised I wanted to learn more about how to design programmes and the science behind training. I was fortunate enough to be close to a local company called EPTI (European Personal Training Institute) that trained people to become Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. At the time, I decided to do the Level 2 Fitness Instructor course, as I was still working part time, and intended to do this course only to improve my knowledge and never intended to work in the industry full time. As soon as I did the week intensive course, I absolutely fell in love with teaching and training, and actually found I was really good at it. This also taught how to teach and plan classes which was new to me, and I was more confident than I thought I could ever be stood in front of a group of people. I instantly wanted to do the Level 3 Personal Trainer course, but due to work and financial commitments, it wasn´t possible. Later on that year, I was made redundant from my office job, and I saw this as a sign that I should take the risk and invest in my future.

So at the start of 2017, Mounter Fitness was born. I got another part time job in an office but also started doing Fitness Instructing in a local gym and doing some mobile Personal Training work on the side. This gave me a lot of experience and knowledge whilst I was studying for the Level 3 course which was around the middle of the same year. I instantly loved Personal Training and the value it brought to peoples life, and loved introducing people to new ways of training and keeping things fresh. I felt like I had finally found what I was meant to do in life, and it felt so rewarding to be able to help people the way I was helped by many people throughout my own journey.

Once qualified, I decided to move back to the UK as I managed to secure a job working for Virgin Active in Wimbledon in 2018. I worked there for a year and then moved to Surrey, and got a part time job at a local Country Club resort called Foxhills in 2019, whilst still traveling twice a week to Wimbledon to train clients either in the park or at their home. I left Foxhills towards the end of 2019, as I decided I wanted to work completely for myself with the intention to open up my own studio one day. In January 2020 I managed to find a spot in Brookwood, Surrey where I am currently living, and after a quick turnaround opened the studio in February 2020. I now offer a variety of classes as well as 1 to 1 and Small Group Personal Training, as well as Online Training.

Rachel Mounter

Level 2 Fitness Instructor Video

Level 3 Personal Trainer Video