Rachel helped my wife whilst at Virgin Active and when she started working for herself she asked Rachel to visit our home and put us through our paces once a week  I was seriously ill in June/July 2019 and I was reluctant to do too much exercise, but I began joining my wife and gradually I started move my body and become fitter.


 Rachel was kind and encouraging, fully aware of my health issues and was much easier on me than my wife!     Over time, together with lots of swimming and aqua aerobics I began loosing weight and getting a little fitter.  


I would not say I looked forward to Rachel coming to our home, I do not like early mornings and not a natural fitness freak, but I am grateful for her encouragement and turning up to force me to do something.


During lock down Rachel has continued to help us via FaceTime twice weekly.  We have bought some of our own exercise gear, step, kettle bells and dumbbells and boxing gloves, and she comes up with some interesting exercises appropriate to us.  Thank you for continuing to help us keep moving Rachel!


I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel as a personal fitness trainer – she has all the qualities one would expect and more. 

On the physical level, under Rachel’s guidance and exercise regimen, the improvement in my muscle strength and stamina has been life changing. As someone who never really enjoyed physical activity, I struggled to walk up the stairs without knee pain and without getting breathless. It took time to see an improvement because I was in such poor physical shape, but now I bound up the stairs at the train station and I can get up effortlessly from a low stool with no support, just by engaging my glutes. My lower back pain has disappeared and I feel more flexible, agile and mobile than I’ve done in years. My posture has visibly improved and I feel 3 inches taller and walk with more purpose and confidence.

She has good technical knowledge and will diplomatically guide me into the correct technique if I’m doing something the wrong way. She will push and encourage me but won’t force me go beyond what I feel is my limit.

What I really like about Rachel is her empathy and good-natured personality. She has also struggled with fitness and weight and really understands what I’m going through as I work to improve your own fitness. 


I started working with Rachel in January 2019. As well as the necessary hard work, I have always found my sessions with Rachel really enjoyable; Rachel is very personable and always pushes you just enough so that you make step improvements each week.


Rachel has an extensive PT knowledge base, and is always looking improving this, as such she has always been able to tailor our sessions to my specific needs, as well as making each session different and more challenging. 


During my time working with Rachel my health and general well-being has improved immeasurably. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel as a PT.


I had the pleasure of working with Rachel as my PT for the majority of last summer. I wanted to get in shape for a holiday, feel fitter, stronger and get my mojo back. With Rachel’s help I achieved all of this, and more. Working with Rachel reminded me of how much I love to workout and be in control of my mind and body. If you have been contemplating getting yourself a personal trainer just ask Rachel for a consultation, believe me you will not look back! 

Amanda Grindell


I have been training with Rachel for about 8 months as part of my marathon preparation. I love our sessions as she puts me through my paces and the time flies by. I always feel better afterwards.


Rachel is always cheerful and encouraging, checking in on how you are feeling, both generally and how you found a particular exercise or weight level. She makes you want to do your best and gives you lots of hints and tips to improve your technique.


In addition to our sessions she has gone out of her way to give me workout plans for when I am travelling which has been really helpful to have. She also recommended a brilliant chiropractor and a physio for sports massage. 


I can say confidently that she is making a real difference to my physical strength, flexibility and overall well-being and would happily recommend her as a PT.  I will certainly continue to work with her on an ongoing basis, long after I have completed my marathons!


Rachel is an absolute brilliant PT. She is helping me to improve my strength, my stamina and to tone up. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions - she encourages me and makes me feel that I am doing well. She also knows exactly how far to push me. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking for a excellent PT.


"I have worked with Rachel at Virgin Active Wimbledon since March 2018 and she has been a tremendous help to me on many levels. I joined Virgin Active primarily for weight loss, In the months since I have lost over 20kgs in weight but have also made huge dents in my general health in other directions. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 5 years ago and that now seems to be in remission - thanks largely to Rachels motivation, work out plans and sensitivity to her client, that weight loss has also contributed to my blood pressure going from high to normal. I really want to give Rachel a huge amount of credit in helping me achieve this goal. She has a knowledge and sensitivity to her client that makes her a phenomenal PT, she understands when to press hard and when to ease up  and for me has contributed more than I can say towards my physical and mental health and confidence - Priceless” 

Ian Oliver

I work in the office and was looking to introduce exercise into my daily routine, tone up, move more and generally improve my fitness levels. I’ve contacted Rachel through a local Virgin Active Branch and we had a chat about these goals and a taster work-out. I’ve liked 

Rachel’s approach from the start, she is very easy going and can make anyone at any fitness level feel at ease and confident to start and keep up the exercise routine, at the same time Rachel is very good at guiding her clients through the process, gradually increasing the workload and pushing your own limits in the way you didn’t think was possible. She is very nice but also tough in a good way!  Rachel always comes up with new routines and types of exercises, our sessions are always very varied and fly by making me feel great about exercising. Rachel takes a holistic approach and also gives great advice on diet and lifestyle in general to complement the exercise programme. Since I got pregnant, Rachel has been there for me, adjusting our routines as necessary and making me confident to exercise even during this special time. I highly recommend Rachel as a great person and professional!


I was in a bike crash and lost some of the mobility in my shoulder. Through hard work and regular workouts with Rachel, the mobility in my shoulder has vastly improved as has my strength and fitness – all of which has helped my cycling enormously.

Spending a regular hour with Rachel in the gym is a great investment. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Rachel is very knowledgeable, understanding and great company– the perfect personality for a personal trainer I reckon!

Thank you very much Rachel. You are a superstar!


"I started PT sessions with Rachel in my 60s, really yes! Since then I have lost that middle/older age flab and re-grown muscles I thought I had lost for ever. It has greatly increased my core strength and I now have much improved posture and balance and interestingly I feel more self confident. Rachel is a brilliant PT who makes each session fun and different - she is the very best! Remember your'e not too old to start, and once you start you won't want to stop when Rachel is your PT!"


Being this my first experience in a gym ever, Rachel has been an amazing guide and trainer in my learning process. One can trust she would take you through the learning curve and make you progress class after class. She's an encouraging and motivational trainer. Thanks Rachel!


Rachel is a great PT. During our first meeting we went through my personal goals of what I wanted to get from our training sessions; Rachel's open, non-judgemental and affable personality made it easy for me to tell her that my main area I wanted to improve was my posture. The last 6 months of PT sessions have literally flown by and Rachel has mixed up the sessions to keep me on my toes! Whilst there has been an emphasis on improving my upper body/back strength and flexibility the exercise combinations that Rachel has provided have also helped work my core and lower body too (there is no escaping leg day :-)!) Rachel is really amenable as to fitting our sessions around my work patterns and she is always bright, bubbly and encouraging no matter what time of the day it is; be it at 6am in the morning or 6pm in the evening. I'm really glad that Rachel was allocated to be my PT.  


Rachel has been my personal trainer since June of 2018. Rachel is very professional, supportive and kind. She accommodates all your training needs and is very flexible. I have reached my goals and feel more healthier and good in myself since training with Rachel. She is definitely one of a kind in all aspects of her work and training. Thank you Rachel. You are a star.


Rachel was a pleasure to work with, and very supportive during the personal training classes as well as helping with motivation to exercise and generally be healthier outside of the class. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Keep up the good work!

Victoria S, London

I initially decided to get a PT having signed up for a trip to Everest Base Camp. I have always enjoyed the gym and playing a wide range of sports but I wanted to improve my overall body strength and fitness levels. Rachel was superb at introducing  a range of different exercises and weights in each session. She taught me how to use the various pieces of equipment, was patient and really pushed me hard in order to achieve results. What I love about training with Rachel is how she always mixes up the training sessions and seems to introduce something new each time. She’s fun to work with and I’m really looking forward to continuing my sessions in the new year. 

Having now accomplished Everest Base Camp, looking back, I am so glad I signed up to have a personal trainer. I have really felt the benefit and even my oxygen levels when at altitude showed I was the fittest in the team so thank you Rachel!


I find Rachel highly motivational at 6am on a cold and wet morning when all I want to do is go back home to bed. She always greets me with a big smile and bags of enthusiasm and mixes it up so much that every workout is completely different and I never get bored (only tired…). Thanks to her I successfully completed my 3 Peaks 24hr challenge and I’m now looking for the next one.


I was a bit apprehensive when I signed up for PT – I’ve never done it before and I have a fear of making a fool of myself and not being perfect first time.  With Rachel the whole process was pain-free (almost!).  She found out what I wanted to achieve, how much work I do now and what time frame I had in mind.  Every week Rachel introduced me to a new routine and piece of equipment – every PT session was different so it never got boring or repetitive.

Rachel was patient with me when it took my brain and body time to work out what it was it was meant to be doing and when it just didn’t click she was able to adapt the routine to suit me.

After every lesson I was emailed what I’d done so I had my own lesson plan that I could use on my own.

 I’d recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to try PT


I really enjoyed our training together! I was really disheartened about not being able to loose any weight after 3 months of gym training and eating healthily. I signed you up for 10 sessions to give it a last ditch. Amazingly, within a few weeks I started to see the effect, I was Fitter and leaner. I was so pleased with the result, I signed you up for another 10 sessions. By end of our training together, I lost over 10kgs which is about 15% of original weight! I was happy and fit. I get compliments on a daily basis! I am so grateful for your help. What I find useful is that your training is based on science and individualised to my requirement. You were very encouraging to keep me going even when I felt like giving up! I also liked your training style, no bootcamp style shouting and no unrealistic target, just calm and supportive all the way through.  I felt safe when training with you.