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Rachel @ Mounter Fitness Officially Launches her NEW Online Coach Package

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Online Training is a relatively new concept, and a quick growing phenomenon in the health and fitness industry. The COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed it's popularity, and people found it a great way to exercise at home, either with their Personal Trainers or in an Online Class.

Our 1-1 Online Coaching has developed gradually during this time, and is a truly bespoke training plan within the TrueCoach platform, with frequent support via the in app messenger, and personalised feedback each week. You get all the benefits of normal one-to-one Personal Training, you are just required to complete the sessions in your own time; either at home or at the gym.

We offer guidance and education around diet and nutrition, and focus on an approach that is healthy for your mind and body. We don't believe in meal plans or diets; we believe in small changes to your current lifestyle that you will be able to implement without too much effort, leading to great results over time. We highly recommend tracking via the MyFitnessPal app, and a tutorial can be given if required.

There will be a weekly check-in form to complete, to evaluate how you believe your week went, and areas to focus on for the week ahead. It is a great tool to allow you to think about all aspects of your training and nutrition, and allows us to see what areas you may need help with for the following week.

You will have the option to join the Facebook Support Group, which will allow you to connect with like minded individuals, and learn some valuable information about exercise, nutrition, behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Personalised coaching is all about YOU, your lifestyle, your experience and your goals. You will receive the support, structure, simplicity and accountability in order to create a healthier, happier and stronger YOU.

What's Included in the Online Coach Package

  • Personalised Workout Training Plan via Specialised App (TrueCoach)

  • Nutrition Guidance​ & Education

  • Daily Feedback and Support via the in App Messenger

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching

  • Become a member of our Facebook Support Group

Here is how the Online Coaching Package impacted one of my clients

"Online coaching through Mounter Fitness has changed my life, it gives my structure, accountability and most importantly better mental and physical health.
I highly recommend Rachel what sets her apart from other coaches is her relate ability, she herself has had her own fitness journey and struggles...and she totally gets it. She really does make me feel comfortable to be able to do this and contiue to do this."
Abbey Bagley

If 1-1 online coaching sounds like a fit for you please contact me. / 07783 041224

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